Photographers! Are you ready to regain time and sanity and partner with another professional photographer/photo retoucher to ease you workload with editing!?! If so look no further! You have found help! We have all been overwhelmed with a crazy workload but don't let that stop your business from growing!

You Send Me Your Stuff

  • Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Senior Session
  • Headshots
  • Weddings
  • Events
  • Newborn
  • Children

Something I didn’t mention!?... Yep, I edit that too!!

More Details:

           You email me-

Send contact info and a quick message

"Hey there, I need help because I have been sitting at my computer or hours and haven’t seen my family in weeks and would love to pass these edits on to you for the sake of my sanity!" Or something along those lines. Reasons of course will vary

Sneak Peak

I look over your work and see if we would be a good fit to work together. We will exchange a dropbox folder with some examples of your work


Boom! It’s a Match

I will edit one image.  You can choose the image. This will allow you to know if I edit to your expectations and style


Time to Get Serious-

If the test edit works out well, we will move to a regular working arrangement. This is where you will send stuff on a regular basis and I will edit like a champ!

  • Cull through the session and choose the images you want to have edited.
  • You send me a dropbox link to of your RAW images
  • Final images will be directly influenced by the quality of the original image
  • Explain what you are looking for in the edits or let me work my magic
  • Payment is due before editing begins via Paypal


Finish Line!

Awesome!!! You are now successfully outsourcing your editing!

This win will free up more of your time to

1.     Do more marketing- Bring in more clients and focus on creative and business side of photography

2.     Do more Networking- Get in touch with professionals in your area to cross promote, build working relationships

3.     Expand Business- Try new Services! Offer fun new sessions more often

4.     Make more money- Time is money!

A wedding that used to take you  8 hours to shoot and 15 hours to edit2 hours of correspondence has become 25 hours of hard work! If you gain 12 hours back, what could do with that time?!?

5.     Spend more time with family and friends! Win Win!!


Basic Edits

Editing- adjust: exposure, white balance, contrast, shadow, blacks, whites, highlights, saturation, brightness and much , much more

Retouching- minor blemishes, wrinkles, background adjustments

$5 per image (for 10+ images)

$6 per image (if less than 10 images)

(discount on bulk sessions and weddings. Request a quote)


Complex edits

Body reshaping and manipulation

Composites- includes but not limited to background swapsface swaps, basically whatever you want happen!

$10 per image (depending on request. price may increase)

Say 4 sessions cost you $200 in outsource editing but now you can use that that was spent at computer (4 to 8 hours)  blogging or doing in person sales instead. Now you can book more shoots or make a $500 in person sale. You spent $200 outsourcing but gained $500 in sales. Giving you a net profit of $300.

Now imagine you do this every week for a year for a grand total of

$300x52weeks= $15, 600

I know it wont always be a $300 profit a week but even half would be awesome!

Same with marketing. If you spend more time getting more clients because you aren’t overwhelmed, you can do more shoots and make more money!